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New premium Liteware uplighters

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Liteware HO uplighters added to our lighting packages

We are pleased to announce that we have added some new premium lighting to our range. GDS Liteware ( or now Robe has since bought this range) are the standard for premium event lighting in the UK, we will still have our lower output range that we have always used, but these can last for up to 24 hrs, are IP45 rated (so they can be used outdoors as well) and are VERY much more powerful, so perfect for rooms with very high ceilings or lighting the external walls of a building

liteware uplighter

Perfect uplighters for night time or day time use

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Because these lights are so powerful, they can be used even in bright daylight to add colour swatches to walls or features, and they are obviously even more impressive when it is darker and can even be used on there own to light a room

The lights run on battery power for over 20 hrs so can be used for a whole day

How many lights do we have?

We have 2 cases of the Liteware uplighters, so 12 in total, which is more than enough to light a very large room. We also still have a compliment of 30 smaller uplights , all also battery powered, so we can light any event or party venue, regardless of size

Typically we only hire out lighting in conjunction with one of our casino themed events, but please get in touch as we may offer just lighting services if we are not using them on the day you require them

case of liteware uplighters

Call us on 0333 3359033 for more info or send us an email

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