Great Gatsby 1920’s theme night.

1920’s theme nights can come in a variety of styles, and we cater to them all. You could be looking for a classic roaring 20’s party, a gangster theme such as Al Capone, or a Peaky Blinders theme night. The most popular is a Gatsby themed party or event, and we have all the right props, and lighting to give your event a wow factor.

Just add casino tables, uplighters, and a few props (found below), for a night to remember.

Gatsby lightbox banner frames 8ft x 4ft

gatsby banner size

Backlit ‘lightbox’ frames

These frames stand 8ft x 4ft (see the image with one of our event staff for scale). They are backlit with RGB lights.

Battery powered

These frames can have battery powered lighting, meaning they are very flexible and can be positioned almost anywhere.

gatsby lightbox frame
gatsby flapper girl lightbox
gatsby lightbox banner

Gatsby large backdrop 5m x 2.5m (approx 16ft x 8ft)

Hi-definition, large format, backdrop for events and parties. It has a matt finish and is perfect for use as a photographic background, or looks great as a prop in its own right.

gatsby giant backdrop

Choose between two styles of fun money.

We have two very different styles of fun money to match your 1920’s theme. One is based on an English 1928 white £100 note, which we have modified slightly and the other is based on a 1920’s US $100 bill.

You can choose either for free to go along with your themed party or event, just let us know which one.

1920's 100 Pound White Note
US dollar fun money

Great Gatsby 1920’s themed parties & events

If you want to add something extra to your fun casino night, then look no further than our Gatsby theme. Also perfect for a roaring 20’s theme. We supply casino tables, banners, lighting, sound system & playlist, fun money, croupiers and more to make your 1920’s Gatsby themed party a success.

  • one 7ft x 9ft illuminated Great Gatsby banner (see images above)
  • Two 4ft x 8ft illuminated Gatsby, 1920 banners (see images above)
  • Gatsby-themed fun money for all guests (see image below)
  • Battery powered uplights/mood lighting
  • 500w discreet speaker system with 3hr 1920’s playlist
  • Red Carpet Entrance

Roulette, Blackjack, Poker? Which Casino Tables to choose from.

Casino tables are a requirement of all of our events (we are a fun casino company), you will need to choose which games you require. We always advise Roulette & Blackjack tables as they are very easy to teach to people that do not know how to play and can be played for 2 minutes or 2 hours. Due to its appearance in the latest Bond movies, and the general rise in popularity, you should also consider a texas holdem poker table. Although Poker can be a little slower and not everyone will be able to play, our dealers will still instruct and if you are having 3 or more tables … this game is highly recommended.

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