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History of Blackjack

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Although it is not a fact … it is widely believed that Blackjack as we know it today originated in France. The first recorded mentioning of this game is found as “vingt-et-un” (twenty and one) in the seventeenth century. Just like with the rest of games we do not know precise origin of Blackjack and […]

Omaha Hi – lo Basics

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Omaha Hi – Lo is a very misunderstood game. There are a few basic principles that people miss out on and it is actually a very skilled game of poker. A few golden rules will help you on your way. I will presume you know the basics. Your Aim is always to ‘scoop’ the pot. That is […]

Blackjack, How to Count Cards

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The Hi-Lo blackjack card counting system or the Plus/Minus system, was created by Harvey Dubner. Dubner simplified Dr. Edward Throp’s groundbreaking system, the Ten-Count, to make it easier for players to use at an actual table. The Hi-Lo card counting system is a card counting strategy designed for use by beginning and intermediate blackjack players. This […]

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