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Pot Limit Omaha – Basic Starting Hands

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Even more than Texas Holdem, If you want to win at Omaha you MUST be discerning about which hands you start. Your opponents will have a large pair and drawing potential so If you do not, your on the back foot straight away, and will need some extra luck to win. Here are the top ten starting hands and all must be double suited

  1. A A K K
  2. A A J 10
  3. A A Q Q
  4. A A J J
  5. A A 10 10
  6. A A 9 9
  7. A A any other pair
  8. J 10 9 8
  9. K K Q Q
  10. K K J J

As you can see it is similar to Holdem in as much that the high pairs hold powerful opportunities, BUT, they must also have draw possibilities for straights and flushes to be considered a powerful starting hand.

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